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פט סטייג'ס – אורקה ג'ק צעצוע נשיכה/האכלה לכלב


פט סטייג'ס – אורקה ג'ק צעצוע נשיכה/האכלה לכלב


Petstages – Orka Jack

צעצוע נהדר מבית פט סטייג'ס ארה"ב

האורקה ג'ק עשוי מחומר חזק, עמיד, קופצני, צף במים ובנוי כמקשה אחת ליצירת חוזק ועמידות.

צעצוע מושלם לתעסוקה על ידי החדרת מזון וחטיפים או מריחת חמאת בוטנים ועוד.

מתאים גם כצעצוע זריקה או נשיכה וגם משחק לים.

מידה: 16/16/5 ס"מ

The Petstages Orka Jack dog toy doubles as a chew toy and a treat dispenser, making it a favorite among furry friends of all shapes and sizes. Made from durable TPE rubber material, the Orka Jack dog toy is soft enough to be gentle on the gums but tough enough to endure multiple sessions of chewing. Easy to fill holes on the ends of this dog chew toy can be stuffed with your pup's favorite kibble to keep them engaged with a rewarding treat. This toy has an unpredictable bounce and can float on water making it a great companion for day trip playtime.

  • DURABLE DOG CHEW TOY: The Orka Jack Chew Toy is made from a chewy yet tough rubber TPE material that can withstand biters of all sizes!
  • TREAT-DISPENSING FUN: Easy-to-find holes on the ends of the Orka Jack dog chew toy can be filled with snacks and kibble to keep your dog engaged and playing for longer.
  • BUOYANT & UNPREDICTABLY BOUNCY: Great for interactive and solo play the Orka Jack dog chew toy has unique moves your pup won't anticipate for hours of play! It also floats on water making this a go-to favorite you can bring on every trip.
  • IMPROVES DENTAL & GUM HEALTH: The various textures of the Orka Jack treat-dispensing dog chew toy provide a gentle massage for the gums while satisfying their natural urge to gnaw.
  • PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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