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ASPCA – מיטת מערה/איגלו לחתול ולכלב


ASPCA - מיטת מערה/איגלו לחתול ולכלב

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ASPCA Cozy Cat Cave, Pet Bed for Cat & Dog

איגלו/מערה מבית ASPCA ארה"ב.
מקום לינה מסתור לחתול או לכלבים קטנים מבד פרוותי מפנק ומחמם לימי החורף.

מידות: 41/33/36 ס"מ

צבעים: אפור, חום, בז.


ASPCA Hooded cave bed is designed for cats, smaller dog breeds and puppies. Easy to climb in and out makes this bed perfect for a senior pets
Ultra soft sleep surface with hooded tufted thick walls create an enclosed cozy space to provide back support and ease joint pain while reducing exposure to drafts and insulates pets body from cold floor, cocoon cave creates a feeling of comfort and security during kitty naps
A lightweight and portable, take it with you while traveling. This pet bed is machine washable for easy laundering, fits standard washing machines. Mat size: 16"x13"x14"
Super soft Sherpa sleep surface. Made from all new premium pet-safe materials, 100% polyester
The American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (aspca) was the first humane Society to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world.


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