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האונד – פאוץ' חטיפים לאילוף

האונד - פאוץ' חטיפים לאילוף


Outward Hound Treat Tote

פאוץ' חטיפים לאילוף מבית האונד ארה"ב

לתגמול מהיר לכלבכם, עשוי מבד חזק, עמיד למים ובעל קליפס לחגורה שנטפס גם במכנס ללא חגורה.

לולאת גומי קדמית לתליית קליקר או מתקן לשקיות איסוף צרכים.

מידה: 15/14 ס"מ

Use the Outward Hound Treat Tote to reward your pup on hikes, walks & trips to the park. Great for treating and training while on the go. Featuring a drawstring enclosure for easy storage, the Treat Tote is the perfect companion for outings with your furry friend.

Explore new ground with Outward Hound Gear! Our high-quality performance gear will keep your pup safely equipped for every new adventure!

  • ATTACHES EASILY: Take your treats on the go with the Outward Hound Treat Tote dog training pouch! This treat pouch easily attaches to your belt or pocket to help you transport your treats with ease.
  • KEEPS TREATS FRESH: An easy-close drawstring top keeps your dog treats in the tote and off the ground for more hassle-free training.
  • REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS: Reflective piping and striping on this dog treat tote improves visibility when you’re outdoors at night.

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