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פט סטייג'ס – צעצוע מקל מנטה דנטלי לחתול


פט סטייג'ס - צעצוע מקל מנטה דנטלי לחתול


Petstages –  Fresh Breath Mint Dental Stick

צעצוע דנטלי לחתול מבית פטסטייגס ארה"ב

צעצוע מקל דנטלי לחתול המכיל מנטה טבעית למשיכת החתול לתעסוקה, נשיכה וריענון הנשימה (החלק המרכזי) בשילוב עלים בקצבות עם רעשי קימוט.

מרכז הצעצוע עטוף ברשת חזקה אשר מנקה את שיני החתול בזמן המשחק.


The Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick is a dental chew toy made with mesh material that helps remove soft tartar and plaque from teeth. Filled with 100% natural dried mint that freshens breath as your kitty chews and bites. Since mint and catnip are part of the same plant family, these minty chew sticks will keep your kitty interested and engaged. To release more of the minty scent simply press and roll the center of this cat toy before giving back to your kitty. Crinkle-filled ends provide an added interesting feature to keep your kitty interested for longer. Bonus: Hedgehogs love our mint sticks for anointing their heads with minty goodness!

  • HELPS CLEAN TEETH: The Fresh Breath Mint Stick is a perfectly proportioned, mint-filled dental toy that your kitty will adore! Mesh netting material helps remove soft tartar and plaque as your cat chews and bites supporting their dental hygiene.
  • FRESHENS BREATH WITH NATURAL, DRIED MINT: No artificial flavor here! Freshly dried mint is used to fill these cute green chew sticks to freshen your cat's breath with every bite.
  • FUN TO TOSS & BAT: Mint is a cousin of catnip so it has a similar enticing quality that cats love! Your kitty will enjoy batting and swatting this minty chew toy during interactive or solo play. Crinkly leaf ends provide an added element of fun!
  • ROLL TO REINVIGORATE & RE-ENGAGE: Press and roll in the center of the Fresh Breath Mint Stick to release the invigorating scent of mint and re-engage your kitty to play.
  • PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.
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